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You Choose the Model


If having our team on site at your location is your preferred model, we would be happy to provide you with team members that can be based at your designated location. You simply let us know what skills you are looking for and detailed skill specs and we’ll take care of the rest.


We can base your team at one of our off site locations in Detroit or San Francisco. If the need be, we can set up additional off site locations based upon your needs. This model is ideally suited for projects that need to be closer to an actual client site needing regular client interaction.


Nearshore is the most popular model for our customers. It provides the benefits of having a team close by, in pretty much the same time zone and at substantially lower costs. Your Nearshore project can be taken at a fixed price and/or T&M basis with Extended Team model if needed.


As the name suggests this model is a mix of any of the models. The needs of each project are different and it’s only fair that each project has the flexibility to be executed using one or a mix of the different execution models.You and us can together decide which model would best suit your project.

Design. Develop. Deliver

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Our Working Process


  • Kick off meetings
  • Estimation
  • Resource Plan
  • Use Cases
  • Project Plan


  • Requirement Gathering
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Quality Processes and Checks


  • Prototype
  • Milestone Releases
  • Change Request
  • Test
  • Quality Processes and Checks


  • Beta Release
  • Integration Support
  • Quality Processes and Checks
  • Ongoing Support and Enhancements/Upgrades